THE DINNER project was first initiated by jeweler Mia Maljojoki and Annika Pettersson. The aim of the project was to create a jewelry exhibition with multiple layers of information. The artists also wanted to give the exhibition audience a reflection of the critical dialogue that is a part of the contemporary jewelry-scene. The idea of a dinner came to be one of the core stones in this project.


THE DINNER represents a meeting point where friends, professionals, and colleagues can come together, to share a meal and to share their thoughts on jewelry.  


The Dinner project is in a constant change where the founder always tries new ideas within the project frame concept. 


THE DINNER – Jewelry

Both of the project initiators Mia Maljojoki and Annika Pettersson created a specific jewelry series for this project. The two artists have chosen their own specific relation to the theme of dining. The result was two very diffident projects, one focusing on the emotional the other on the formal. The jewelry created for this project are worn by the dinner guest during the dinner. Each piece especially selected for each dinner guest.


THE DINNER – Performance

The dinner is seen as a performance act, where the dinner guests are set on display for the duration of the dinner.  The performative act is an important part of this project. It puts the participants on display; it makes them conscious of their movements, their actions and it adds a awareness to the dining act.


THE DINNER – Exhibition

The exhibition always contains of 3 parts. The jeweler displayed documentation from the dinner event and a text. Each of this different part are equally important. The jewelry is there to give the viewer an understanding of the artist individual relation to the subject. The documentation of the dinner is there to give the viewer the possibility to take part in the critical discourse and the text is there to give the visitor the background or a description to the project.


THE DINNER – Documentation

The documentation is an important part of this project, it gives the project the possibility to live outside the physical space. The documentation gives the makers the opportunity to share the experience with an audience that is not present during the dinner or the exhibition.


THE DINNER 1# event took place 24 of February 2016 at Kulturzentrum Giesinger Bahnhof, Munich, Germany. The exhibition was open from 25 of February to the 26 of February.


THE DINNER 2# event took place 2 of December 2016 at Platina in Stockholm, Sweden. The exhibition was open from the 3:e of December to the 22 of December 


THE DINNER 3# is still open for collaborations 


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