The dinner #3 took place 2018.03.09 at Lovelace Hotel/ Munich, Germany, as a part of MJW2018 celebration of Current obsession 5th year aniversiry. During the dinner #5 sixteen professionals from various fields are sitting down having a discussion and enjoying a dinner together. The dinner hosts are jeweler Annika Pettersson and Mia Maljojoki.

The dinner guests where:

Liesbeth den Besten 

Elizabeth Franco

Barbara Gifford

Alix Manon Hoornaert

Sarah Huber

Bella Neyman

Ruudt Peters

Stephanie Schuitemaker

Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele

Luisa Velludo

Ana Videla

Mallory Weston

Inger Wästberg

The topic for this event is “Doing the No No”. This theme deals with the area between attraction and repulsion. We want to explore what lays beyond the boundaries of what is accepted culturally and aesthetically, we aim to explore taboos and and forbidden pleasures.

“What ever we permit ourselves we are forbidding ourselves something else. All our ideals for ourselves – all our aims and aspiration and beliefs – are be definition restrictive….. To forbid something is to make it unforgettable, at its worst to forbid is to force attention and to guarantee interest.”

Adam Philips, Unforbidden pleasures

The jewellery that is worn during the dinner are a part of a series of brooches titled: Glitch in the copy and are made by Annika Pettersson.

Glitch in the copy is a project that can bee seen as a reaction to the theme of “Doing the No No”. This is a series that explores the process of copying and reproduction. A classical Victorian “diamond” brooch has been reproduced by 3d-scanning and 3d-printing. Today we live in a copy paste culture and the way we look upon concepts like the original and the copy that have been altered along with our society's cultural change. I am questioning how this change of perspective has affected the way we look upon contemporary craft and jewelry in relation to value, authenticity, technique, and production.

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