The second dinner took place at 2016.12.02 Platina Stockholm, Sweden 

This dinners theme was related to the food, each course had its own specific topic: 


The pre-course will be a pumping soup with whipped rosemary cream. On the side, we have a freshly baked sourer dough bread.

The theme of the pre-course is Counterparts. We have the food representing the solid and the liquid. One can say that jewelry has two counterparts the public and the personal. On one side the jewelry as an object can in itself contain the aspects of the public and the personal. One can also say that the jewelry can be a signifier changing that aspect within the wearer. We wonder how you see this aspect of counterparts, is it a that is inserted in the pieces or is it something that is assigned through the act of interacting with the piece?

Main course

For the main course, you will be served a juicy grilled cauliflower that has been covered in a green chili parsley sauce and a tahini lemon juice. The colorful plate has been sprinkled with grilled halloumi and pine nuts. On the side, we have a fresh salad containing.

The theme of the main course is color and presentation. One can say that half the pleasure of a dinner experience is absorbed by the eye. The presentation of a dish I as important as the taste. As jewelry makers, we can only affect how the jewelry’s aesthetic and its connection to the body. How the wearer chooses to interact and use the piece is out of the maker's control. We wonder how you relate to this lack of control, is it a freedom not to fully being able to regulate the life of the piece; or do you see it as a painful part of the creative process? 


For dessert, we will have a chocolate covered marshmallow with crumbles from a butter cookie and sprinkled with 24-carat gold.

The theme for the dessert is value. There are many different ways to assign value, we are interested to know work with this in your practice. How do you assign value to objects and what are the traits that can be used to assignee value to an object?

We would like to say a special thank you to our waiter Joel Persson and assistant Anne Beumer and to our dinner guests 

Jens Evarldsson 

Jacqueline Davis

Sara Borgegård 

Sofia Björkman 

Marie O Conner 

Adam Grinovich 

Miro Sazdic

Johan Thor 

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