THE DINNER is a collaboration project between jeweler Mia Maljojoki and Annika Pettersson. The project investigates the act of dining from an artistic view point. The two artists personally investigate the topic and the result is two series of jewelry series, exploring the emotional and the formal. The project aims to examine the act of dining though an artistic context.

THE DINNER is a performance; taking place during the opening night.

THE DINNER is an exhibition; where jewelry will be installed in combination with documentation of the performance.

THE DINNE #1 was performed at Kulturzentrum Giesinger Bahnhofin Munich, on the 24 th of February 2016. 

14 dinner quests were invited to join the 2 artists for a dinner. The guest was asked to wear jewelry made by the artist during the course of the dinner-event. All guests had also been asked to wear a white shirt for the event, to give the worn jewelry a white space of display. The dinner that took place that night was a performance and was open to the public to view. After the performance the project turned in to an exhibition that showcased the worn jewelry as well as audio and video documentation from the performance.

Thank you to the audience and to the dinner guests: 

Kellie Riggs 

Sofia Björkamn

Carrie Forster

Jorge Manilla 

Rebecka Frank

Eija Mustonen

Matt Lambert 

Haman Sutra

Babette Boucher

Atty Tantivit

Anders Ljungberg

Ohna Heleena





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